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Fun Facts About Margaritas; Largest Margarita Ever Made Was in Las Vegas, NV & More

When it comes to visiting a cantina, one of the most frequently requested beverages is the margarita. Margaritas are an all-time favorite among many, but did you know it is full off amazing facts and history? Eddie’s Mexican Restaurant would like to share a few full facts about margaritas and why they are one of the most beloved beverages.

Where Was the Margarita Invented?

Margaritas is one of the top favorite beverages in any cantina, and many of us love to claim the drink as our own. However, the actual origin is still unknown. One highly repeated rumor is that an American woman named Margarita Sames was the one to create the drink in 1948, when she ran an independent bar. A regular, a man by the name of Tommy Hilton, loved the drink and asked her for her recipe and added it to his own hotels’ menu. However, this is one of many stories surrounding the origins of the Margarita.

Origin of Margarita Name

Margarita is a Spanish name which mean Daisy. Daisy was used as an old-time spirit drink with sweet and sour flavors which describes the margarita. Margaritas are essentially a spin from the tequila daisy.

Classic Frozen Margaritas

The first frozen margarita was created in the 1970’s. Most people couldn’t imagine a warm or liquid margarita. However, the first frozen margarita machine wasn’t invented until the 1970’s when a Dallas Bar owner saw a 7-Eleven Slurpee machine and had an idea to use the machine for icy margaritas. Using essentially a Slurpee machine to create icy margaritas was a major success and the idea spread like wildfire. Now most margaritas are served in an icy state.

Margarita Salt Rimmers

What many don’t realize about margaritas is how essential the salt is. It is the salt that creates the sweet and sour taste and enhances the overall flavor. The salt helps to subdue the bitterness and brings out the sweetness and strengthens the aroma of the drink.

Margaritas Drunk an Hour

An amazing yet fun fact about margaritas is that there are about 185,000 margaritas being consumed every hour, each day—at least it is according to “Cheers.” When you collect the tally of alcohol that is being served throughout the world, margaritas are one of the top requested drinks.

Margaritas Variations

There are many cocktails that have only one way of making the drink. However, margaritas have a lot of variations. Essentially, a margarita is a blend of tequila, lime, Cointreau, and salt. However different ingredients can be used or added to the margarita base mixture, such as mangoes, pineapples, and peaches. Tropical fruit is frequently used and occasionally garnished with sugar versus salt.

Largest Margarita Ever Made

The world’s largest margarita was made right here in Las Vegas. The Flamingo Hotel makes the largest margarita. Basically a large tank that contained 8500 gallons of margarita. This tank stood about 17 feet tall and was an attraction for the hotel opening.

Most Expensive Margarita

Where Las Vegas has the largest margarita, Manhattan, New York has the most expensive margarita in the world. Made from an $1800 bottle of tequila, each serving of the margarita costs $450. This expensive beverage was created at the 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar & Penthouse which was for charity, and half of the cost was of then donated to any charity of the drinker’s choice.

Mexican Restaurant & Cantina in Las Vegas, Nevada (Just Minutes from Summerlin, North LV & Henderson, NV

There are many fun facts about the margarita beverage, which brings out the fun in everyone. When visiting the Eddie’s Mexican Restaurant, don’t miss out and order a margarita. Eddie’s Mexican Restaurant is opening soon! Check our Facebook page for the latest updates.

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