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Fresh ingredients, great mexican recipes and our focus on making you feel like family are just part of what will make our restaurant a Las Vegas Favorite. Come enjoy the Best Mexican Food in town!
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Great Food, Family & Fun! We will enjoy bringing you all your mexican favorites with an Eddie's Twist & hope you will help us create a new Tradition in the decades to come. Come enjoy the authentic & creative Mexican Food you crave.

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Lunch is served daily from 11:00 AM – 3PM. Come in and enjoy a large variety of fresh & delicious authentic Mexican dishes that will make your mouth water. Dine in or Take out, you can't go wrong!
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Which Cut of Meat is Popular with Fajitas? Skirt Steak, Chicken Breast, Blue Shrimp & More

Fajitas are a popular and beloved Mexican dish. When going out to your favorite Mexican restaurant or you are making fajita at home, you will find that there are different types of meats used for fajitas. There are many different options when it comes to fajitas. You not only have a choice of meat, but you can even decide if you want corn or flour tortillas. You can make or order fajitas the way you like them. However, if you are looking for ways to change your fajitas and wonder which is the best cuts of meat to use, Eddie’s Mexican Restaurant would like to share the best and most popular types of meat used for fajitas.

Best Cuts of Meat for Fajitas

Traditionally, a skirt steak is the cut of beef that is used for fajitas. However, fajitas are a great dish that allows the use for different cuts of meat and still taste great. Where you can use different cuts of beef which is the primary choice of meat, chicken and shrimp is another popular choice of meat for fajitas. When it comes to the fajita, a variety of meat can be used due to the additional ingredients used to make this dish. In a fajita, onions, tomatoes and chili or bell peppers are grilled alongside your choice of meat. The intense flavors of the accompanying veggies you use are infused with the meat. Some of the best choices of meat and their cut for fajitas are:
• Beef: When it comes to using beef, often you will want to choose between three types of cuts for fajitas. Traditionally, skirt steak is what is used to make fajitas. However, other popular cuts of beef for fajitas are flank steak and sirloin steak.
• Chicken: When making or ordering a chicken fajita, the two popular cuts of chicken used are the thighs and breasts. Often the chicken is cooked and then shredded and is put into the fajita.
• Shrimp: You can use just about any type of shrimp for fajitas. However, blue shrimp and spotted shrimp is local to California and Mexico. If you want to use more traditional shrimp for your fajitas, blue or spotted shrimp are ideal. However, for more shrimp per-bite, large shrimp is often used in many shrimp fajita recipes.

How Do You Cook Fajita Meat & Keep it Tender?

What is the best way to cook your fajita meat? Most of the time fajitas are made in a skillet and get grilled to taste. However, grilling your meat is one of the best ways to cook your fajitas. The meat gets seasoned and cooked in a smoky grill, creating a much richer flavor. Pan firing is the next option when cooking the fajita meat. However, there are some cooking methods which broils the meat and veggies together. You always want to marinade your meat before cooking them. As there are preferred methods of cooking fajitas, there is no wrong way to cook your fajitas at home. When visiting a restaurant you will know you are getting quality fajitas when they come out sizzling on the cast iron pan or skillet they are cooked on.

Authentic Mexican Cuisine in Las Vegas, Nevada (Just Minutes from Summerlin, North LV, Paradise, Lone Mountain & Henderson, NV)

There are many different ways to make and eat fajitas. When you are having a craving for a great fajita, come on down to Eddie’s Mexican Restaurant today.

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