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What is the Origin of the Chimichanga? Is it Like a Burrito? What is a Good Side or Topping & More

The delicious chimichanga! It is one of the more beloved and favorite of Mexican dishes. What is a chimichanga? It is a combination of meats, cheese, rice and beans that have been deep fried. This wonderful Mexican dish has a lot to say about its history, and flavor. To better appreciate the chimichanga, Eddie’s Mexican Restaurant would like to share more about this amazing dish.

What is a Chimichanga

Let’s break down the chimichanga a bit more. A chimichanga uses a variety of meats. You can choose to have barbacoa, carnitas, carne asada, carne seca, ground beef, or chicken. However, chimichangas are not just for the meat eaters. You can have it vegetarian style as well. It is not uncommon to find a chimichanga with black beans and or refried pinto beans for the filling. Often cheese is found in any chimichanga that is then wrapped tightly in a tortilla. But what makes a chimichanga so good, is that it is fried! The outer tortilla wrap is briefly fired creating a crunchy exterior. For it to be a true chimichanga, the outer tortilla is fried to a crispy, golden brown.

Is a Chimichanga Like a Burrito?

When breaking down the inside filling of a chimichanga they sound very much like a burrito. Both chimichangas and burritos are filling with similar ingredients. However, what makes them different is that the chimichanga is deep fired. You can get burritos that have a crispy outside. However, a burrito is still not fried. Crispy burritos are toasted or pan fired to create a slight crispy texture. However, the chimichanga is submerged in oil and fried through. The level of crispiness is much different and the taste profile is completely changed.

What is a Good Side for Chimichangas?

A chimichanga can be eaten as is and is very enjoyable. However, many people love topping a chimichanga with shredded lettuce, salsa, sour cream, guacamole and tomatoes. These extra toppings can create a much fuller experience. Along with additional toppings, nothing goes better with chimichangas than a side of beans and rice. However, a chimichanga is fairly versatile and goes well with soups, salads and other traditional sides.

How was the Chimichanga Invented?

The chimichanga has a fairly recent origin, even as early as the 1920’s. The origins of the chimichanga is a bit hazy. However, it is believed that the chimichanga came out of Arizona from a Tucson restaurant. It was said a burrito was accidentally cooked in a deep fryer. As to not waste the burrito, one of the members of the restaurant decided to eat this deep fried burrito. Realizing they had something different and unique, they began serving it in the restaurant. Later, other Tex-Mex and Mexican restaurants learned of the chimichanga. Not just for the delicious taste and crunchy texture, but it was found that frying a burrito was a good way to reuse unsold burritos. Some restaurants would make burritos in advance back in the 1920’s. When the burritos didn’t sell, they would fry them the next day and sell them as chimichangas.

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