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Fresh ingredients, great mexican recipes and our focus on making you feel like family are just part of what will make our restaurant a Las Vegas Favorite. Come enjoy the Best Mexican Food in town!
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Great Food, Family & Fun! We will enjoy bringing you all your mexican favorites with an Eddie's Twist & hope you will help us create a new Tradition in the decades to come. Come enjoy the authentic & creative Mexican Food you crave.

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Lunch is served daily from 11:00 AM – 3PM. Come in and enjoy a large variety of fresh & delicious authentic Mexican dishes that will make your mouth water. Dine in or Take out, you can't go wrong!
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Types of Tequila; Blanco for Margaritas, Joven for Winter Cocktails, Reposado or Anejo for Sipping & More

Many people love tequila, it can be consumed straight or more popular, it is mixed to make various cocktails such as a margarita. Tequila comes in a wide range of types or varieties and its origins might surprise many people. For those who love to know more about their favorite drinks, Eddie’s Mexican Restaurant would like to share how tequila is made and the different types you can enjoy.

What is Tequila Made From?

Tequila is part of the family of Mezcal alcohol which is made from the agave plant. Tequila is made from a particular type of agave plant known as the Blue Agave or nicknamed the agave tequilana. The blue agave is widely grown and cultivated in Mexico and in the highlands of Jalisco. What makes tequila worth its weight in gold is that it can take the blue agave plant seven years or more to mature. Only once the agave is mature, it can be harvested and the sent to the distilleries.

Tequila Making Process

The process of making tequila starts with baking the leaves or pinas in a special type of oven. During the baking process, the agave leaves will convert to starch and the leaves into a sugar which aids in the fermentation. After the agave pinas have been baked, the next step is to shred and press it to release the sugar inside the leaves. Once the pinas are pressed and the sugar released, yeast is added which triggers the fermentation. The sugary juice will ferment for around four days and is then distilled. At this point the tequila will either set on a self to age or be sold. The longer the tequila ages, the higher quality it will become.

Types of Tequila

What many people don’t realize is that there are many different types of tequilas. Each tequila often is made for certain uses.
Blanco Tequila for Margaritas: Blanco is one of the better types of tequila that is great for mixing cocktails. Blanco is one of the newer types of tequila. Blanco is bottled immediately and then stored for two months for proper potency. You can mix Blanco tequila to make cocktails and it is also great for cooking with.
Joven Tequila: Joven is mostly a mix of unaged tequila and occasionally aged tequila and is made very similar to Blanco. Joven has a lovely golden color and is used primarily for winter cocktails.
Reposado Tequila: Reposado is an aged tequila that gets darker in color. When looking for the best aged tequila, look for the darkest one. Reposado is also rich in flavor due to the time it sits in a barrel. In order for a tequila to meet a reposado it must age for the minimum of two months.
Anejo Sipping Tequila: Anejo is a strong spirit that requires one year of aging simply to meet the right classification. In most cases Anejo will spend three years in a barrel before it is bottled. Anejo tequila is used for sipping and is an introduction to high end tequilas. For better Anejo, there is also an Extra Anejo which is more smooth and ages even longer for rich flavor.

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There is a lot to be known about tequila. For those who enjoy great tequilas or margaritas and more, come on down to Eddie’s Mexican Restaurant and visit our cantina and restaurant for fine dining today!

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