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Do Astronauts Eat Tacos in Space? Why Flour Tortillas Instead of Bread on Space Station Menu?

Have you ever considered what kind of food you can eat in zero gravity? For our astronauts that go into space, food is often boring and bland. They typically only get a small variety of food to eat. Trying to find food that can be prepared in space is not an easy task, which is why so many people were blown away when the first Mexican scientists that went into space requested the means to make tacos in space. In 1985 the first space taco was made. Eddie’s Mexican Restaurant would like to share the story of the first space tacos and how Mexican food is enjoyed, even in space.

Rodolfo Neri Vela Requested Flour Tortillas to Make Tacos

Rodolfo Neri Vela was one of the first Mexican scientists to go to space in 1985. One of the biggest challenges that astronauts often endure is home sickness. It is amazing how bringing a taste of home with you in space can help you overcome a bit of home sickness. When preparing for the upcoming trip to space, Rodolfo Neri Vela requested tortillas to be added to their provisions so he could make tacos. Some people were skeptical as to whether or not tacos could be made in space. However the tortilla is a good source of carbs and doesn’t spoil easily. Astronauts could wrap just about anything inside the tortilla to make a quick meal. Unlike bread that crumbles easily, the tortilla stays together which make it safe to be eaten in space. In space you cannot allow small particles of food to get inside the air vents and the other sensitive equipment. After considering Rodolfo Neri Vela’s request, tortillas were added to the list of provisions taken up to space.

Long Lasting Tortillas

Once tortillas were to be added to the diet for the astronauts, NASA decided to begin design a tortilla that would be better suited for space. NASA created a tortilla recipe that will keep the tortilla fresh for up to six months. However, after the six month period, the tortilla became bitter. Where NASA wanted only the best for our astronauts, they revised their tortilla recipe. NASA sought help from tortilla manufacturers and found one that can make a space approved tortilla that lasted for one year without losing its taste.

Tortilla Tacos are a Staple Ingredient on Space Shuttle Station

Once the tortilla went into space, a number of different types of tacos could be made. Rodolfo Neri Vela showed the variety of tacos that could be made, bringing flavor to space. Everyone watched Rodolfo Neri Vela make the very first space tacos and then couldn’t wait to begin making their own. In space it is important that the astronauts get a healthy diet. Most food eaten in space is in food pouches, much like eating baby food. Creating a healthy and flavorful meal for astronauts is a challenge. With space tacos on the menu, the astronauts are happier. Most everyone loves Mexican food for its great taste and wonderful flavors. Now Mexican food can be enjoyed in space and to this day, space tacos are still part of many space missions.

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When you enjoy your tacos at your favorite restaurant, you can think of your astronauts in space enjoying the same great taste. When you are craving great Mexican food, come on down to Eddie’s Mexican Restaurant today!

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