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Which Came First; Corn or Flour Tortillas? Meaning, Facts, History, Origin in Mexican Cuisine

For many people, one of their favorite parts of eating Mexican cuisine is the tortilla. This flat, round bread product is beloved by many and most of the dishes on a Mexican food menu will be using it as part of the meal. Have you ever wondered where this delicious bread came from? It dates back farther than you may think. Eddie’s Mexican Restaurant is here to talk about the history of the tortilla and where they originally came from.

Tortilla Meaning

The first documented tortilla comes from the mid-1600s. The word comes from the Spanish word tort which means “cake.” While this is the first documented tortilla, we know that they have been around for many thousands of years. Corn, or maize, was the main food source for Mesoamerican people and was the grain that they mainly used to make tortillas. The Aztec people used them to dip in sauces, put meat in or even to eat plain as corn tortillas were a good source of energy for them.

Origin of Flour Tortillas

While the first tortillas were made out of corn, when the Spanish Conquistadors discovered and conquered the Aztec empire in central Mexico, news of this strange new bread spread quickly. It wasn’t long before wheat was brought over to the New World from Spain and the birth of flour tortillas happened. Flour tortillas are the most common and a are a favorite of many people today in Mexican restaurants all over the world. During the mid-20th century, Mexican restaurants became increasingly popular in the U.S. Today, they are still one of the most sought after eateries across the country. Mexican restaurants just wouldn’t be the same without this iconic part of many of the meals. The tortilla today is usually made using machinery rather than grinding the corn and working the dough by hand. In fact, factory made tortillas can be made at a rate of 60,000 tortillas per hour!

Tortilla Facts

Following are some facts about this iconic Mexican food.
– Size: Tortillas come in a variety of different sizes. From small street tortillas that are perfect for tacos, to large tortillas that are primarily used for burritos and chimichangas as well as in between there is a tortilla for just about everything.
– Ingredients: Tortillas today are either made from corn or wheat flour. They can be great for the meat of the meal as well as dessert with some sugar and honey.
– Preference: There is a great debate between corn or flour tortillas that has been around for years. It all comes down to personal preference of course.

Mexican Cuisine in Las Vegas, Nevada (Just Minutes from Summerlin, North LV & Henderson, NV)

If you are looking for high quality, authentic Mexican food, you can find it at Eddie’s Mexican Restaurant. We have a long list of delicious dishes that are sure to showcase tortillas made from both corn and flour. Come try our lunch or dinner menu today!

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