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Fresh ingredients, great mexican recipes and our focus on making you feel like family are just part of what will make our restaurant a Las Vegas Favorite. Come enjoy the Best Mexican Food in town!
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Best Mexican Food in Town

Great Food, Family & Fun! We will enjoy bringing you all your mexican favorites with an Eddie's Twist & hope you will help us create a new Tradition in the decades to come. Come enjoy the authentic & creative Mexican Food you crave.

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Lunch is served daily from 11:00 AM – 3PM. Come in and enjoy a large variety of fresh & delicious authentic Mexican dishes that will make your mouth water. Dine in or Take out, you can't go wrong!
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What Makes a Good Burrito & How to Make a Great One; Authentic Seasoning, Layer of Beans & More

Burritos are gaining in popularity as of late. This long time staple in Mexican cuisine is now finding a whole new fan base. There are many aspects that play a role in the success of a burrito. You need to nail them all to hit the jackpot with this delicious dish. Eddie’s Mexican Restaurant is here to share some tips to help you make the perfect burrito every time.

Authentic Mexican Burrito Seasoning

There are several layers that often make up a burrito. If you are looking to make one that is perfectly delicious, it is important that you aren’t afraid of seasoning. If you put bland rice, vegetables and meat in your burrito, you will likely fall flat. You should season each ingredient one by one starting with the rice. You can cook the rice in chicken broth to give it the boost that you are looking for before you flavor it with spices. Some of the most common spices used to flavor Mexican food are cumin, chili powder, bay leaf and other zesty spices. You should make sure your pico, meat and guacamole that is found in your burrito all have ample spices to give your burrito flavor.

Best Meat for Burritos

When it comes to choosing the right meat for your burrito, it is important that you choose carefully. When you are craving steak, choose hanger. For a chicken burrito, you are best off using chicken thighs. For pork, a delicious pork shoulder makes the perfect carnitas to give your burrito explosive flavor.

Fold & Roll a Burrito Right

Rolling a burrito is where many people make their mistakes. You have to roll it right so that you can fully enjoy it. For a burrito, it is best to use tortillas that are 8-10 inches around. This will give you enough tortilla to effectively wrap your ingredients. It is also important that you don’t overfill a burrito, making it almost impossible to get the thing rolled up. You shouldn’t have more than 1 ½ cups of filling total. Put all the ingredients in the middle and fold the side in before starting to roll the burrito from the bottom up.

Include a Layer of Beans on Your Burrito

No burrito is complete without a decent layer of beans. Whether you prefer refried, pinto or black beans, don’t forget to add a good dose of them to make your burrito delicious. You don’t want them to overpower the rest of the burrito, but you want there to be beans in every bite.

Traditional Mexican Cuisine in Las Vegas, Nevada (Just Minutes from Summerlin, North LV & Henderson, NV)

If you haven’t perfected the burrito, you can count on the burritos at Eddies’ Mexican Restaurant to hit the spot. We make burritos that are sure to knock your socks off every time you choose them off our menu either for lunch or dinner options. We can customize them to suit your taste buds. Come in and give our burritos a try today!

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